Preliminary Ideas

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1. Use the trail to improve the community

a. Convert a physical barrier into a vital east-west connection through Englewood.
b. Create jobs and economic development.
c. Celebrate the diversity and rich history of Greater Englewood.

2. Create new transportation options

a. Provide access to the trail near existing nodes of activity.
b. Create multiple experiences in accessing and using the trail.
c. Make connections for residents on foot, bike, bus, and train.

3. Support recreation and healthy lifestyles

a. Provide a variety of recreational and fitness opportunities.
b. Expand urban farming, food-related uses, and restaurants along the Trail.
c. Explore unique vegetation, gardening, and natural design.

4. Foster the arts and microbusinesses

a. Engage local artists in trail design and development.
b. Support growth of microbusinesses along the trail.

5. Enhance safety

a. Create a safer environment by using principles of “Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.”
b. Develop active spaces along the trail through collaboration with schools,
community organizations, churches, and economic development groups.