How alcohol affects sex

Why hypocrisy? Probably no one’s date today, does not do without alcohol. It can of course do without it, but believe me, such a meeting will prove to be unbearably boring, and uninteresting. The best date is the one that has a continuation. About what pushes men and women to have sex, and how it will turn out after a glass of champagne or 2 liters of beer, we will tell in this article. If you are going on a date, it also makes sense to take a closer look at the preparations on this website

Beer and sex

It is known that beer is considered a light alcohol. The worst mistake with beer, it is considered to drink more than 2 liters. You won’t even notice after the fifth glass, and from a witty guy you will turn into a sleepy creature with a faded tongue. The maximum dosage of beer, at which you will remain able to show the girl something more than a virtuoso snore, is 2 (!) Glasses. It is possible less. But no more! Beer is a very insidious drink, remember that! By the way, from all generics to increase potency, compatible with alcohol, only, Levitra pills. With their description, effectiveness of use and strength of action you can read in the network on specialized sites. There you can also order Viagra, Cialis, and other generics for potency and libido.

Whiskey and sex

Whiskey has long been considered a classic drink associated with a rich lifestyle. But this drink carries a great danger – artificial non-ethanol substances, they are what give it its taste and color. The more whiskey contains them, the deeper its color, that is, the more expensive the price. Whiskey contains a titanic amount of these substances, so it quickly puts the body into a state of helpless intoxication. It won’t be easy in the morning. Before meeting with a girl, it is better not to drink it. If you’re drinking whiskey for status, don’t drink more than 30 mg.

Cognac and sex

Read about whiskey. It’s all about cognac and also rum, tequila, gin tonic and innocent cocktails.

Champagne and sex

Thanks to the sheer number of bubbles, few people manage to drink more than two glasses of champagne. And it’s the perfect dose for love! And also some varieties of champagne contain notes of lavender, cinnamon, vanilla and orange. The above components are ideal aphrodisiacs for the male sexual system.

Wine and sex

Wine is the perfect drink on a date. It has been proven that girls who drink wine on a date are much better at intimacy than girls who drink other alcoholic beverages, or do without it altogether. Red wines have notes of wood, nutmeg and cherry – they are great aphrodisiacs for women.

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