Information about cases and medals in CS:GO

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Choosing the best cases to open in CS:GO

Want to open some chests, but don’t know which one to start with. Uncle will now explain to you what’s what. So, what are the best cases to open in CS:GO to knock out the most expensive weapons? The answer – none. Checked – the chances of falling out good weapons are about the same as winning the lottery. In proof of this there are hundreds of videos on cs go, which can be found on YouTube.

Just do not focus on where the players ostensibly get the most expensive skins. As you know, YouTubers constantly get money from donators, so they can afford to open hundreds of cases a week. How about you? So what to do? Get yourself the weapon you want and don’t worry about it. You don’t need those cases, roulette, etc. They all work on the same principle – you open the case, you get the stuff. If you believe in your success, then try the contracts (although there’s not much chance, but somehow more). Who do not know, the contract – it is to craft a more expensive weapon of the cheap. If in the cases your chance of about 0.1%, then here it is a success rate approaching 20-30%. All the better. I myself once suffered from this, but then I realized that buying is still much more economical.

Earn medals in CS:GO

How do I get medals in CS:GO and do they affect anything? Before we continue we recommend you to read an article about how to get a weapon in CS:GO – I’m sure it will be very interesting for you as well. You know, let’s start right away – medals in CS:GO do not affect anything. No player is not looking at them when evaluating a teammate. The only thing that counts is how you play. Some may be interested in your rank and hours played, but nobody really pays attention to medals in CS:GO. It just comes as an extra bonus for you, nothing more.

Well, now let’s get to the subject of the article, namely to find out what they give medals in CS:GO. To get it, you only need to play matches. It will appear by itself after you reach about level 39. The level increases with each match played in any mode. So if you’re not a fan of matchmaking, you can play destruction or death match modes. As soon as you reach the required rank, there will be a button to get a medal. Then it starts all over again, and you can get a steeper medal once you reach the desired rank again. More medals are given for completing missions. Missions are paid. There you are given a number of classes, after completing them you get a reward. The missions come out about once every six months.

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