Using proxy while traveling

Proxy is definitely a useful tool that every web user should have. But not so many people know that it can really help when you are traveling. Most likely you noticed that right after crossing the border, some online services, music, videos become unavailable for you. This is due to the fact that different countries have different copyright laws. But if you want to continue to comfortably enjoy all your favorite resources, then there is a solution. Proxy can provide you with this opportunity. Let’s take a closer look at the proxy and find out when this tool can be useful. Check the list of proxies you can here

A proxy is an intermediary between you and the websites you visit. This is actually a remote server through which all your network activities go. Thus, your ip remains hidden and you remain anonymous online. This is very useful even when you stay at home. In fact, all your actions on the network are constantly monitored by third-party companies. They use this information to their advantage. Each of your online activities is stored in certain archives, and they will recognize you by their ip address. This address is unique and helps to track all your actions without confusing them with the actions of others. Proxy assigns its ip to all these actions and leaves your own hidden from outside observers. It has a great value even if you stay at home. But if you travel to other countries, the proxy may become even more important tool.

When you cross the border of the country in which you live, you automatically begin to obey the laws that apply on the territory of this country.

Including copyright law. So, even if some materials are allowed to be viewed in the United States, and you are a US citizen, but are currently abroad, these materials will not be available for you. It can be music, favorite online resources, various videos, online games and so on. The proxy server helps to solve this problem, since with its help you can still be considered as a resident of the country even after you leave it. You just need to have the proxy of the country in which you live. Or you can even buy proxy ru if needed. Every Internet request, wherever you are in the world, will initially pass through a proxy server, and only then go to the destination point. This does not affect the speed of data transfer, but gives you access to all necessary resources and ensures anonymity on the network.

There are free and paid proxies. Free proxies can be found in the public domain and everyone can use them when the need arises without additional payments. But the data transfer speed of such servers is very low. This is due to the fact that several people use these servers at the same time. So the server load increases and the speed drops. In addition, they can not provide the necessary degree of anonymity. So such proxies, although free and work on the same principle as other proxies, still cannot be a good choice. Paid proxies are quite inexpensive, but they solve several problems at once. They provide the user with good anonymity and provide excellent speed of connection and data transfer in the network. Paid proxies are used quite often for completely different purposes. They are used by marketers for SEO; they are used by gamers for multi-accounting and botting. They are also constantly used by travelers to access their favorite resources from anywhere in the world.

There are several types of proxies, among which you will need to make a choice. It is necessary to allocate a proxy working on network protocols socks5 and http. If you need access only to web resources and you do not plan to use a proxy for applications, then http proxy may be suitable for you. Some time ago, socks5 was used only for applications, but now it also works with web resources. It makes socks5 the most popular nowadays.